About me !

Hello and welcome on my blog!

My name is Roxanne, but you can call me Rox! I’m 22 and I’m student in Master 2 at the Sorbonne in Paris. I’m studying litterature and communication, and I would love to work for and with children in a library (fingers crossed).

Addicted to young adult litterature and classics, my bookshelf became bigger and bigger over the years. I always loved to write my thoughts post-reading in a notebook under my pillow. And one day, I decided to share my little thoughts with people, that means you little readers behind your screens (wink).

So what you will find on my blog? First of all, Reviews of my last books or not. Then, you can find other pages like my  Monthly Wrap Up and Book Haul

I would love to know your opinion, advice and more, so don’t hesitate! Comment, like, share, send me an email, I would be there to answer. You can also find me on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. I always find a moment to check those social medias.

It was a pleasure to present myself to you, I hope you would take a good moment on this blog. I return to my book and my cup of tea.


PS :  I’m french and you’ll see that my english isn’t perfect… I wanted to apologize for all the faults in my posts.