Summary:  “In a Ya-Ya Sisterhood for teens, Peaches combines three unforgettable heroines who have nothing in common but the troubles that have gotten them sentenced to a summer of peach picking at a Georgia orchard.

Leeda is a debutante dating wrong-side-of-the-tracks Rex. Murphy, the wildest girl in Bridgewater, likes whichever side Rex is on. Birdie is a dreamer whose passion for Girl Scout cookies is matched only by her love for a boy named Enrico. 

When their worlds collide, The Breakfast Club meets The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants in an entirely original and provocative story with a lush, captivating setting.”

I literally fell in love with this book and the atmosphere. When you open the book, you’re in the peach orchard with the sun on your shoulders. I read this book at the perfect time. The weather match so good. haha. If you read this book, I don’t know about you but I never had this big desire to eat peaches during a read before (I’m obsessed lol).


This book is one of my favourite summer book. I will re-read -for sure- every summer. Its sweatdelicioustouching and lovely. The friendship is realistic even if the characters are really specific. They’re unique as their friendship and it’s so beautiful.

About the characters: I must admit that Birdie is really special. She’s kind, brave and pure. She is the cement of the group. Little Bird is so precious! I love the personality of Murphy, funny, strong, hothead AND HAVE SUCH A BIG HEART. Leeda touched me with her family who doesn’t love her for herself, but I love the fact she grew up and assumed who she is and her friends.

But honestly, I don’t have a favourite character because I’m a fan of all three together. It’s weird because, when at the beginning, they are in the same place and don’t talk to each other I felt sad and thought something was missing. Also, they can’t be friends without the third one.


This book is full of joy, sun, peaches (a loooooot of peaches), friendship, love, family. It’s a pure good moment. I can’t wait to read the sequel and join the girls again (I feel like the fourth girl in the squad haha). I obviously recommend this lovely peachy book and gave it a 5/5 stars!

Published : June 1st 2005

French Edition : Albin Michel, Wiz

Pages : 366 pages

Genre : Young Adult, friendship, contemporary, fiction, (peaches)

Price : 13,50 €


Read little babies, x.