March Book Wrap-Up

*** This article contains spoilers *** Hello my lovely readers, Do you remember my last Book Wrap-Up? The one with two months in one because I was so slow in reading that I read only 5 books during two months? But in March, I killed it! I read the same number of books in one… Continue reading March Book Wrap-Up


What did I watch in January and February?

*** This article contains spoilers *** Hello beautiful people, I wanted to share with you what I watched during these two months (january and february), my reactions, my ratings and maybe you'll discover new Tv shows?  Who knows? What did I watch in January and February: Black Mirror S1-2 > Need Riverdale S2E12-13 > Meh Downton… Continue reading What did I watch in January and February?

January and February Book Wrap-Up

*** This article contains spoilers *** Hello my lovely readers, Exceptionally, my "Book Wrap-Up of the month" concerns two months: January and February. Why? Because I was simply overwhelmed with piles of homework and exams… The result is simple: I didn’t read a lot of books. In fact, I’ve only read 6 books (included one… Continue reading January and February Book Wrap-Up

My Top 5 Tv shows

My story with Tv shows One fact about me: I love Tv shows. When I was young with my little brother, we watched them on TV after school, it was a ritual. It all began with cartoons, anime and then we started to watch 'serious' Tv shows. Some examples: Charmed, Stargate SG1, Gilmore Girls, Grey’s… Continue reading My Top 5 Tv shows

Valentine’s Day Book Recommendations

What day is it today? 14th February? Oh my god! Is it Valentine's day already?! HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY EVERYONE! In this special day, let me use the best and funniest gif ever: Oh Penny, I feel you! You should have guessed that I'm not totally happy to celebrate my love life. Don't you dare ask me… Continue reading Valentine’s Day Book Recommendations